Monday, November 3, 2008

Weekend works

I managed to get a little bit of sewing done on the weekend for the first time in ages, despite having piles of housework and lawns to attend to.

First, I quilted the gorgeous little cot quilt top I won from Toni. I was a bit scared of ruining it, so I just quilted in the ditch around all the blocks and the borders. I was going to stipple in the large border but wasn't sure if I had enough pink thread to finish it so didn't. Since then, I actually found another reel of pink quilting thread hiding in the mess that is my sewing room so I could go back and do it. But I am thinking of quitting while I'm ahead. So that is one Christmas present finished ..... a zillion to go! Thanks Toni!

I also made a couple of pillow slips from some Amy Butler fabric. I originally bought this fabric with the intention of making a skirt or something. But after pondering it for a bit, I realised that I'm not really a bright colour person and I would probably never wear anything I made from this. Also, I always seem to be short on pillow slips. I don't know where they go. Maybe the same place socks go. Or maybe just at the back of my very disorderly linen cupboard! Whatever - the point is I could use some spare pillowslips so I made these from the fabric instead. And they actually kind of "go" with several of my sheet sets.

Then I started a little Christmas stitchery. It didn't photograph well:

And his eyes are a bit creepy!

And lastly, I started playing with a YoYo maker I bought ages ago but never got around to trying out. And you know what, it does make suffolk puffs or yoyos much easier to make! I am using a charm square pack from Moda's Harvest Home which are just the right size for my YoYo maker, so I have quite a few more to make. I'm not sure what I am going to do with them but I have a matching Jelly Roll, so that should widen the possibilities.

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