Monday, March 31, 2014

Home Sweet Home Filet Crochet

I finished off this sweet filet crochet on the weekend. Although not a large project, it has taken me a few weeks as I've only been able to spend an hour or so each weekend. This was a free pattern from Sauntering Stitches. I used a thicker crochet cotton, as that was what I had, so mine turned out a bit bigger than the original (about 14" x 17" as opposed to 12" x 14"). I also used a different edging as I really wanted to get it finished and I find picots slow going! 

I'm not sure whether I am going to frame it or turn it into a pillow yet.


Jewells said...

Again.. a lovely project..good on you Vanessa!

a good yarn said...

That is absolutely charming!