Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Just thought I'd share this photo of Spice I just took. I never get a nice photo of Spice, she is too active and also very suspicious of the camera so I am really pleased she stayed still long enough for me to snap her for once. She was rubbing herself all over the blankets here - don't know what she's been up to today but she is covered in grease, she must have been playing under Daddy's car. Now I am also covered in grease, because I didn't realise until after I had given her pats and cuddles.


Lynn said...

Cute dog! I love your star blocks. I found some pink fabric in my stash and was thinking it would be perfect - after seeing yours I may do another set.

Thimbleanna said...

What a cute picture! I'm finally catching up with you a bit -- I love all the pretty blocks you've been making!

PandaMan said...

Thats a great photo. You should have that one on your desk at work.