Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bushfire Relief

For those wanting to do a bit more than donate money for the bushfire survivors, there are some great ideas going around with generous bloggers and crafters organising some worthwhile relief projects.

Beyond Pink and Blue is putting together comfort packs for children who have lost everything in the fires, to keep them entertained in the months ahead as their parents go about rebuilding their lives. I hope to spend time this weekend whipping up some library bags and will be sending some books and toys along as well.

Cindy has set up a Handmade Help site where talented crafters from everywhere are donating items for sale and auction. I don't think I have anything finished or good enough to sell, but I think I'll have a good browse through and do some shopping there instead.

Meet Me at Mikes has a really good list of the different ways people can help.

Melly & Me are holding a silent auction of handmade items and patterns.

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