Sunday, February 8, 2009

Penny Rug Coasters

I started making these Wool Penny Coasters from Wee Folk Art last weekend, and still haven't finished. They're harder than they look! I am really struggling to keep my stitches an even length and evenly spaced for some reason so I've been getting despondent and putting them aside. But check out the Wee Folk Art blog for lots of other amazing patterns. There is a cute gypsy toddler skirt which I am thinking of making for myself - the cutting instructions are given as a percentage of waist width and desired length so you could adjust this pattern to fit anyone. There's also some really cute bookmarks.

I found a couple of other really gorgeous free penny rug patterns at BHG: Hippity Hop Table Rug and Valentine Penny Rug.

Lastly, spare a thought for all of the people suffering in the bush fires in Victoria today. So far it seems 26 have lost their loves and countless families have lost their homes and everything they own. Jeremy has had the news on all day, but I just can't face it. It is just too tragic.


Anonymous said...

they look great vanessa!!! i can see how they would be fiddly though.
can't wait to see your skirt. toni :O)xxx

Kimara@weefolkart said...

I'm so delighted you found our blog and I adore the colors you are using for the coasters. I love the look of the wool penny, but I'm with you...a little harder than they look. Getting the spacing right is just a matter of practice, but I find some days I am all thumbs and nothing I do looks right. So, I give my hands a klutz day and put it aside. But I do hope you stick with it. It's a craft that has been overlooked...what a pity! But yours are looking great!

We are on the opposite side of the world from Victoria, but we feel their pain! They continue to be in our thoughts and prayers!