Saturday, February 14, 2009

Rainy day sewing

It's cool and rainy today so a great day to stay inside and sew.

I've been making these bright crayon box blocks this morning for a quilt the group I am in is making for a family who lost their home in the fires:

We're making a quilt for each member of the family, so these blocks obviously are for the children's quilts. They actually don't look to bad in the photo. I thought they were a bit blindingly garish in real life but they come together well here! The crayon box pattern is by Bonnie of Quiltville. We're also making a masculine log cabin and a pretty disappearing nine patch for the Mum and Dad.

I've also put together a few library bags for the the comfort packs:

I made mine out of patchwork fabrics so I've had to line them to give them added strength and durability.

Toni and others have made the good point that often we forget about the older children and teenagers when making relief items. So I hope to make some nice totes trendy enough for the more fashion conscious too!

I'm impatiently waiting for the auction at Melly & Me to close! I am bidding on a handmade Rosalie Quinlan item of my choice. And while in a way, it would be good to be outbid because it means more money raised for the relief effort, I'm also pretty keen to win and get myself a handmade goody!

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