Saturday, January 17, 2009

And oh look there's more

Found some more to add to my challenge pile.
This was a Christmas 6" block swap from a few years ago. Some of these blocks are just so gorgeous and beautifully embellished:

And a Winter 6" block swap

I had forgotten about this next swap. This was a house swap. We all made a block of our house and sent it off with a description of our house and garden. The other swappers then made a block representing one of your favourite things about your home.

This was my house block:

And here is a bookshelf block, as I love reading. This is so cute! Can you read the titles?

These blocks represent my vegetable garden, the cockatoos who eat my grapefruits, and my orange tree.

And here is a close up of the orange tree, because it even has Sugar and Spice frolicking underneath it!

And Sugar and Spice also make an appearance in this block of my fireplace ...... so does a mouse unfortunately. (What did I put in my house description??!!). And of course, one of my vintage sewing machines.

All of these blocks, including the Christmas and Winter ones, were made by the talented, generous women of Patch and Chat.

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