Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More scrumptious kits

I really must stop buying things. But then again, these were a great bargain, so I almost couldn't afford not to buy them. And they are just what I like .....

I love kits because I don't have to waste time trying to find the right fabrics, they're all there for me! And I love quick, simple patterns like these. I wish I had the patience and skill to make a really detailed, complicated quilt but I find if I don't finish things in a day or so, I put them aside and forget about them or else lose interest. So I prefer either small projects, or quickly pieced ones like these. And I just love gorgeous floral fabrics! So these are just perfect for me.

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a good yarn said...

I've never bought a kit but there a plenty of good reasons to do so - especially these two. Love the name Coconut Ice. I look forward to seeing them completed.

Happy Stitching...Ann :)