Monday, January 26, 2009

In the garden this morning

Here are some pillowslips I made yesterday. They are a little crumpled cos I used them last night. It was lovely to sleep on crisp, clean new pillowslips.

This morning I did some weeding in the vegetable gardens. I've been avoiding it because with the weird weather - hot and wet - we've been having, the weeds have just taken over so quickly, it would be impossible to pull them out without pulling out real plants as well. So I wanted to wait until the plants were ready to come out too.

I harvested some little onions and am soaking them to pickle. I also harvested some kipfler and Dutch cream potatoes - the kiplfer are on top in this bucket:

And got the last cucumbers off my dying vines:

I'm a bit worn out and sore now, so I'll be having lunch then a rest I think.


a good yarn said...

Wow Vanessa, have made some lovely things. I love the bright pinwheel but also like some of the softer coloured items you have made. You have a terrific blog! I have enjoyed visiting.

Happy Stitching...Ann :)

Gabbie said...

Love your new pillow cases, such bright and happy colors.
Your vege garden looks so productive, delicious looking spuds.