Saturday, January 17, 2009

One project a month nominees

I rummaged around in a drawer this morning to find some old block swap blocks, to nominate as my UFOs for the one project a month challenge. They weren't the ones I was actually looking for, so I must have another stash of block swap UFOs somewhere but I guess I'll stumble across them eventually.

I came across these sets of nine-patch blocks, a stack each of brown, blue and green. One of the Australian online quilting groups - it may have been Quilters Down Under, I can't remember - had a swap a few years ago where you made nine patches each month but each month in a different colour. I think I dropped out when it got to a month where I didn't have much of that colour in my stash!

I also took part in an Angel block swap, but wasn't really happy with the blocks so didn't do anything with them. Not that the blocks aren't nice, it is just that they are all different styles - country, cute or religious - they just don't go together.

And look at this! This was a swap of small crazy log cabins and pinwheels in hand-dyed fabrics. It looks like I started putting them together and then stopped .... can't remember why, because all of the different blocks look fabulous together! I'll definitely have to finish this one.

Now, I just have to work out where the rest of my block swap UFOs are.

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