Monday, January 5, 2009

Great Minds Think Alike!

I recently decided that no matter how tired or busy or stressed I am, I have to spend more time on my crafting. I just realised that is the thing that gives me the most fulfilment and enjoyment in life .... apart from snuggling puppies .... so I have to make the effort for myself.

So to inspire me, I decided to join up for some challenges. I joined up for the Black and White Challenge a few weeks ago .... but only just remembered Jackie had emailed me asking me for further info and I had forgotten to reply! So I have done that now and am officially registered.

I also signed up for Dandelion Quilts' Valentines Swap. That should really get me motivated as this one is due in a month!

And I was just visiting Toni's blog and saw that she has signed up for the B&W challenge too (hence the post title), plus another one to finish one WISP/UFO a month. So I had to join this one too! With all of this inspiration, I should be making more time for crafting in 2009!


toni said...

hey vanessa, i've just joined up for the valentine's swap too! i hope i haven't bitten off more than i can chew!!! *vbg* i've decided to spend more time crafting too. toni :O) xxx

May Britt said...

Have to answer you this way as you came up with noreply in my mail. Please check your profile to allow your emailadress to show
Sorry for not answering you before, but this was my first day at work after christmas and no time for private mails.
I have added you to the list. Please add the badge to your sidebar and make a monthly list of your finishes under it. And then report to Kris when you have finished a project
Good luck on your projects
Happy stitching

Sheri Howard said...

Vanessa, I love the little bag with the yo-yo's, did you use a yo-yo maker? If not, you need to get one, they are so fun! I signed up for the Valentine's day swap too. I love Valentine's Day, it is my favorite holiday. I sounds like you have a lot of fun projects to keep you busy! How is your weather? I am glad I found your blog. Happy Sewing.......I am your secret Valentine swap, so be expecting a package soon!!!